Events Corner

    Looking Ahead:


    at NorthPointe
    For Middle & High School

    First and Third Sunday of the Month:
    Middle School: 6-7:30pm
    High School: 7:30-9:00pm

    Event Permission Form: Permission Slip

See events page for additional events.

Message Series:

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Willow Creek Association


The Original Christmas Playlist:

Week 1: The Most Wonderful Time
Week 2: Go Tell It
Week 3: Heavenly Peace
Week 4: Don’t Save it all for Christmas
Week 5: BC vs AD

The Walking Dead:

Week 1: Deadly Virus
Week 2: Leaving The Dead Behind
Week 3: Safe Zone
Week 4: Zombie Apocalypse

Loving Generously:

Week 1: Banquet
Week 2: For Sale
Week 3: Kind
Week 4: Called
Week 5: One Two Another


Seven logo
Week 1: Draft Day


Revolve logo
Week 1: Define IT
Week 2: How It Works
Week 3: Experience It

Necessary Sins:

Week 1: Lying
Week 2: Gossip
Week 3: Lust
Week 4: Anger

Home Run Life:

Week 1: Going for the Fence
Week 2: Just Get On Base
Week 3: Scoring Position
Week 4: The Pressure is On
Week 5: Winning Run

What Makes You Happy?:

Week 1: No Thing
Week 2: Plan For It
Week 4: Happy Money
Week 5: Shoes
Week 6: You’re Not Enough

Ask It:

Week 1 Notes
Week 2 Notes
Week 2: Musical Chairs
Week 3 Notes
Week 3: Time over Time
Week 4 Notes
Week 4: Edged Out
Week 5 Notes
Week 5: Hold My Hand
Week 6 Notes
Week 6: The Beginning

The Counselor:

Week 1 Message Notes
Week 1: Why are you so afraid?
Week 2 Message Notes
Week 2: Do You Believe I Can do This?
Week 3: Do You Want To Get Well?
Week 4 Message Notes
Week 4: Why do you doubt?

Goin’ all the Way


Week 1: Finding the ONE
Week 1 Message Notes
Week 2: Finding the TWO
Week 2 Message Notes
Week 3: Love, Sex and Dating
(Thanks to Andy Stanley)

Recovery Road

Week 1: We The People
Week 1 Message Notes
Week 2: Taking Inventory
Week 2 Message Notes
Week 3: The Credibility Factor
Week 3 Message Notes
Week 4: Declaration of Dependence
Week 4 Message Notes
Week 5: The Debt Spending Crisis
Week 5 Message Notes
Week 6: Entitled

Football Sunday


Video Message

* – Thanks to Life Church/Craig Groeschel, North Point Ministries/Andy Stanley, The Skit Guys, Stasi and John Eldredge for their help with series materials.