Events Corner

    Looking Ahead:


    at NorthPointe
    For Middle & High School

    First and Third Sunday of the Month:
    Middle School: 6-7:30pm
    High School: 7:30-9:00pm

    Event Permission Form: Permission Slip

See events page for additional events.

Message Series:

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Fear Not

Week 1: Fear of What God is Asking Me to Do
Week 2 Message Notes
Week 2: Fear of What People Think About Me
Week 3 Message Notes
Week 3: Fear of Where Your Stand With God

The Return

Week 1: Waiting
Week 2: It’s Not Monopoly
Week 3: There is a Throne

The Ghost

Week 1: Presence
Week 2: Power
Week 3: Gifts Audio Message; Spiritual Gift Profile.pdf
Week 4: Impact

Living Generously

Week 1: Stinky Sheep vs. Good Sheep
Week 2: Loving $ More Than God
Week 3: Spoon vs Ladle
Week 4: World Security vs Eternal Security
Week 5: Taking Risks

The Perfect Storm

Week 1: High Chance of Rain
Week 2: Colliding Fronts
Week 3: Hurricane Season
Week 4: The Son Shines Through

Once Upon A Marriage

Week 1: Jacob and Leah(and Rachel)
Week 2 and 3: Can be watched at this link. (Thanks Craig Groeschel)
Week 4: Hosea and Gomer

Clean and Clear

Week 1: Green With Envy
Week 2: Bitter not Better

Altar Ego

Week 1: My Feelings of Inadequacy
Week 2: My Need For Control
Week 3: Right to be Offended
Week 4: My Longing For Approval

Big Church

Week 1: Big Mission
Week 2: Big Prayers
Week 3: Big and Bold
Week 4: Big and Audience
Week 6: Big and Answers
Week 7: Big Opportunity

One Thing:

Week 1: One Thing


Week 1: Evidence
Week 2: Unusual Suspects
Week 3: What’s The Motive?
Week 4: Who Benefits From This?


Week 1: When Pieces Don’t Fit
Week 2: Missing The Lid
Week 3: Putting The Pieces Together


Week 1: Readiness over Happiness
Week 2: Financially Free Families
Week 3: Faith on Fire
Week 4: Intentional Giving


Week 1: Foundation of Friendship
Week 2: One Friend Away
Week 3: One Community Away
Week 4: Unfriending

* – Thanks to Life Church/Craig Groeschel, North Point Ministries/Andy Stanley, The Skit Guys, Stasi and John Eldredge for their help with series materials.