Events Corner

    Looking Ahead:


    at NorthPointe
    For Middle & High School

    First and Third Sunday of the Month:
    Middle School: 6-7:30pm
    High School: 7:30-9:00pm

    Event Permission Form: Permission Slip

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Message Series:

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Willow Creek Association


The Gifts of Christmas:

Week 1: Gone Missing
Week 2: Merry Christmas Maniac
Week 3: Family Happens
Week 4: Strange Miracles
Week 5: Bread Basket Case

This is Your Life:

Week 1: Eighth Day
Week 2: The Driving Force
Week 3: The Slight Edge
Week 4: Laminin
– Thank you Louie Giglio
Week 5: See The Future

This is My Church:

Week 1: I don’t do windows

Five Steps To Wreck Your Life:

Week 1: Addiction
Week 2: Adultery
Week 3: Lose Your Faith
Week 4: How to be Dissatisfied
Week 5: Bad Decisions

Bless This Home:

Week 1: Righteousness
Week 2: Pure In Heart
Week 3: Peacemakers
Week 4: Persecuted


Week 1: Cleaned Up
Week 2: Breaking Bread
Week 3: Life In The Fast Lane

Identity Theft:

We apologize. There was technical issues with week 1.
Week 2: This is just the way I am
Week 3: I’m Not Good Enough
Week 4: I Am What I Do

Life Apps:

Week 1: Application is Everything
Week 2: The Forgiveness App
Week 3: The Confession App
*-Thank You Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries-*
Week 4: The Rest App
Week 5: The Trust App
Week 6: The Encouragement App


Week 1: Justice
Week 2: Mercy

Nick and Joe Save Easter:

Nick and Joe Save Easter

Losing Your Religion:

Week 1: Reflections of a Zealot
Week 2: Just in Case
Week 3: The Eight Commandments
Week 4: Unfair and Uncomfortable


Week 1: The Naked Truth
Week 2: Body Basics
Week 3: Sex Secrets
Week 4: Sex Tips
Week 5: What a Girl Wants
Week 6: What a Guy Wants


Week 1: Your Days are Numbered
Week 2: At Capacity
Week 3: Compounding Minutes
Week 4: Less is More
Week 5: Under The Sun

Stories of Christmas:

Week 1: Elizabeth
Week 2: The Innkeeper
Week 3: The Wise Men
Week 4: The Shepards
Week 5: Joseph and Mary



Week 1: Baggage Check
Week 2: Lost Baggage
Week 3: Carry On Baggage
Week 4: Broken Baggage

Urban Legends:

Week 1: Urban Legends
Week 2: Urban Legends
Week 3: Urban Legends
Week 4: Urban Legends
Week 5: Urban Legends
Week 6: Urban Legends
Week 7: Urban Legends

* – Thanks to Life Church/Craig Groeschel, North Point Ministries/Andy Stanley, The Skit Guys, Stasi and John Eldredge for their help with the above series materials.