Events Corner

    Looking Ahead:


    at NorthPointe
    For Middle & High School

    First and Third Sunday of the Month:
    Middle School: 6-7:30pm
    High School: 7:30-9:00pm

    Event Permission Form: Permission Slip

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Willow Creek Association

The Journey

Our Strategy – how we plan to see this fulfilled.

We believe that it is through the local church that God desires to represent Himself and carry out His purposes to further His Kingdom. Our desire as a local body of believers is to be obedient to the mandate given to us by Jesus Christ to go and make disciples (The Great Commission). In order to accomplish this, we believe there are four elements that are critical in God’s design for His Church so that we are touching, teaching and transforming lives.

Worship – We believe God calls us all to worship Him. Therefore, we desire that our times of worship together not only draw believers, but also connect with others that we all may draw NEARER to GOD.

Ministry – We believe that our lives are created for purpose. Fulfillment in our lives is found by being a part of the greatest work there is, the local church, in which believers seek to SERVE God, collectively using all that God has given us to further His Kingdom work right where we are.

Community – God exists in community; three persons as one God. We believe that it is through the building up of close relationships that we can spur one another to EXPERIENCE LIFE CHANGE and become more like Christ, reflecting the image of God.

Cultural Impact – We believe God has called us to impact the world around us, beginning with making connections with people in our communities, sharing God’s compassion, and working to bring about justice. We seek to continually WIDEN OUR CIRCLE of influence, both personally and collectively, that we may impact our world.