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    Looking Ahead:


    at NorthPointe
    For Middle & High School

    First and Third Sunday of the Month:
    Middle School: 6-7:30pm
    High School: 7:30-9:00pm

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Willow Creek Association

About Us

It began many years ago by challenges from other Christians to go and plant a new church. This resonated in the hearts of two families; the Mulligans and the Kazalskis. Neither took it quite seriously until these two families connected through a shared ministry experience in the Fall of 2007. A deeply shared passion between these families was fanned into flame; to reach out to so many without a church family yet, who are desperately seeking to know God. In the early months of 2008, what started as a dream began to take on some shape. Through prayer and study together, the launching of a new church began to form in the area around Upper Front street, north of the city of Binghamton. Most of all came about a conviction to be a church where “we do church differently”.

What does this mean? We are a very casual, ultra-contemporary church that desires to make a difference in the community. We desire to incorporate many forms of the creative arts within our services to connect with not only our intellect but our emotions as well. We are not a group that just weekly ‘goes to church’, but we are actively seeking for God to transform us into “becoming the church”. We seek to talk about topics that are relevant, and even tackle difficult topics that we face as individuals, couples, and families. Our desire is to see God change lives, beginning with our own, to become all that we possibly can in this one and only life that we have. We are staff led, vision focused, and a team driven church, journeying together through life, and working to continually develop a deeper relationship with our Creator.